Art Review: The Waning of Justice

Charles Atlas is a visual media artist that focuses on visual blending between video clips. In the past most of his works were live, using live footage and visually mixing them on the spot creating art on the fly. Almost challenging himself with a thought out installation, which seems interesting for a digital media artist.






The piece consists of two rooms connected by a large door way, in one room is three typography videos, each connected in theme, a sunset on a Florida beach. Through visual effects, different lenses, or by changes of the weather atlas gives a variation to mix and sample for the complete piece. In the center of this room is clock counting down, changing in color and projected down onto a thin fabric screen. In the next room with this video in sync with the other rooms a woman atlas names “Lady Bunny” for awhile discusses several topics important for todays culture whether it be social or political.

Atlas blends several individual videos into this typography sunset conveying several themes that is touched on in the video portraying “Lady Bunny” speaking about socio-political issues. Atlas carefully mutes sections of video to “have her say what I want her to say,” He carefully mutes both rooms/video preformances to derive a stronger impact and play into the drama of the piece. The pieces counts down into this final jarring climax of silence, the sun sets on every beach displayed and every room is black, a few seconds left. At zero the video of “Lady Bunny” is displayed again and it is her rather being serious about the problems with the world her singing, the one lyric that sticks with me is “You are the one,” it draws out so much positivity after and almost serious, deep, and personal piece.








Charles Atlas brings forth his untapped potential in this installation and gives forth what you would see in his live performance pieces that he would do with other artists. His piece is successful at drawing a viewers interest through this ominous countdown then leaving with such a positive note to relate to after this awareness of the quality of the world. It is a way to provoke with out inciting negative attitudes towards this awareness. As a society we avoid people with petitions or lost dog signs like the plague because we want to avoid the truth of how nasty the world is. We rarely here of terrorism attacks in the middle east, or how people are starving or enslaved we only care about domestic celebrity’s and how they feel versus the young and sick in Africa. Atlas rewards those who stay for the awareness of what is going on and puts his talents to the test.




Practice Makes Perfect

Art is  about finding your creative niche, when you take and copy peoples work or build off it you find that it doesn’t match up. Although the art becomes your own, learning from what you’re good at and making it more. I was inspired by the above clip of a mother taking a daughters scribbles and transforming it into a collaborative art piece that goes from abstract to something a little more defined.

My process would be sitting down my younger sister, and having her purposely make abstract lines in black for me to transform into something beautiful. The purpose behind this is to constrain myself to existing work, and come up with a creative way to resolve the piece. This will be personal challenge because I deemed myself uncreative, and I want not to improve my talent but to improve my creative skills.

I would sit my sister, Lillian, down and make her do about 30-45 pages of these in a multimedia sketch book. She would not be allowed to draw anything specific since it’ll deviate from the point of the project then i’d continue to build on top of it for about an hour, my medias will vary from digital to watercolor and so on.

I’m excited to push myself I hope you are too.

Flower Vibin’ Flower Flyin’ Flower Diein’

This week has been an odd week and a bit rocky with content for promotional materials. Our Model canceled on the project after one shoot, so new models and shoots are occurring. Our project from my stand point is slowing down, as we gear up for an actual showing my work is finishing and now just working on closing tasks for the showing. Ideas like a “What Flower are you” board, and taking photos with the model have come across. We had fun self identifying our flowers, to kick off the board. I am a snapdragon, I’ve always loved them growing up. I’ve mostly worked on handouts and it’s been a challenge because it isn’t my field of work. I wish for more information but am unsure what to put, there will be typography on the reverse side which should be finished by the end of Thursday I hope. This project is moving smoothly and am excited to see where it ends and hope to have a more extensive post as the project winds down.


Flower Vibin’ Week 3

postcard ultima

I’m personally struggling with my role, the original promise was that I would be working in my field, the project steered towards more AD/Graph. Which isn’t something I’m entirely comfortable with, and have had criticisms about my work or attempts. When it came down to it most people told me exactly what they wanted which was the result above. I feel as if my own creative vision and taste of aesthetics have been squashed by this project. They originally came up with this pastel-esc way to create the project like missioned below in the color palate of the image, but a lot of the colors preferred were un natural and a little tacky in my opinion. Personally its not ugly in design but its not what I enjoy but its not up to me. Group projects are difficult for me i’d prefer to do everything by myself and this has become a huge struggle in my opinion. I would of preferred Olivia’s project due to its higher amount of content in my field. I feel my Director and Production manager realize I’m struggling with this and I feel bad producing low quality work for a solid project. Below were my attempts versus above with someone sitting with me to make it. poster card poster card2 poster card3

Flower Vibin’

Week 2

For the most part on schedule, my side being PR I’m coming up with handouts posters etc for our project. I have great ideas for hand outs and poster integration with QR codes leading to our site and be able to navigate to varying pages to either to rsvp for the event or get more info. We like this idea of a black and white model with flowers covering her face almost collaged together, with simplistic supporting information below to give it a clean professional look. The handout I was inspired by the CCAD post card mail we get a lot, where its a simplistic image and maybe like bold CCAD overlaying it and on the flipside have the informative parts.

Below is images I plan to use for the creation of the products, the more pastel flowers are my goal to use for collaging with the provided model. The bottom right photo was a quick example of the intention but uses inferior design methods for a quick example. Real flowers will be more dimensional then illustrated ones. It will feel more effective when I’m done with it.

seamless_flower_print_23_by_doncabanza-d5t36hd tumblr_static_tumblr_m2zx167t8i1qffkwto1_500 IMG_5731 feature image

Pipeline Post: PR

My role handed to me is Public Relations, I will be designing handouts and promotional material, as well as working on some flowers for our flower Quota. I would like to design the handout like one off the CCAD post cards, I find that little to know handouts people do seem aesthetic. CCAD is the only mail I enjoy getting because it looks beautiful. I plan on doing some sort of floral design on the back with Ohio and possibly title text for a group name or project name, then filler info about us on the other side. I’m still in early concept of the illustrative portion of my piece so the illustration will change with group preference.


I have no real ideas on how the suit should be made but I am a sucker for a flower crown, my little hippie child inside of me. Having a suit though designed on accentuating the shape of body types would be interesting, if as male were to wear it give large flower bouquet shoulders. and a large protruding back piece like a knights neck guard. Female could have it as a woven dress with flowers coating it. With a flower neck line and flowers covering the hems of the sleeves/arm holes.

Pipeline Proposal : Open/Closed

My proposal is for a short 1-2 minute video of mixed medias that’s related to John Cleese’s ideas on how to be creative. The video would go through a day of an artist and how outward and inward experiences affect this person. The representation of this Open state (idea of being open minded and creative, less logical, and more imaginative.) would be shown through a 2d Rotoscoped animated world, with simple visualizations of what the main character is thinking about. This Open state world would shrink revealing the real world when the character feels less creative due to depression, need be logical thinking etc. This would be this Closed state (Logical operation of thinking, productive, quick problem thinking) The narrative follows the character through the day and his/her imaginations and how he interacted with them in the real world, then would be applied to the art at the end of the video.

Rotoscoping is the act of animating with the use of constant reference from video. To make this simple, I would ask for simplistic outlines that define only enough to give an idea of form. This would give you a better idea of the lesson put forth rather than growing on the character. Rotoscoping was used in many Disney films and is found to be an easy way out for animators but perfect for what I envisioned.

This project will require illustrators and cinematography majors as well.

Illustrators will be tasked with making quick illustrations will tie into the background of the Open state animation portion. Like gas station, city streets, studio space, etc.

Cinematography majors would be recording live action and directing how on camera actions would take place. The video they record will be the building blocks of the entire film. They will also be in charge of final video editing when all animations and music are put together. I also have questioned how to stylistically make the video and would discuss further whether straight live action or some alteration would be appropriate.

I am also planning on looking for someone interested in sound effects and creating their own music. In other words creating folly for smaller animations and background music and effect sounds. If not I assume Cinematography majors will have a few ideas and resources.

Animators main tasks would obviously be cranking out the rotoscope portion but also character creation of imaginations the main character would be working with. The main character won’t actually acknowledge these characters. The characters are just representations of his imagination.

Kid Cudi’s Music video Day and Night has a good representation of what I’m aiming for. Although When animation comes in it would be based on emotion, it wouldn’t alter the real world, it would replace the real world. When the Open state recedes to reveal the real world, it will recede into his/her heart showing how pain can take away the joy of creativity. For example while walking from the gas station to their apartment they get a break up text, the world recedes and shows only a broken heart over the phone that moves to the center of his/her chest. No text would be shown but you would be alluded to it by the heart breaking. But towards the end around the time they’re in the home the person gets a text from their significant other, the heart is put back together.

The story of where he will be and go to will vary on scouting done by the crew. The main locations I aim for is City Streets, Gas Station, Home, and possibly an area with trees and a field. (open spaces = open state)

I will most likely contact an actor, but if none are available than it would be a faceless person, the camera would be never on the face of the person so their is no chance of anyone guessing who it is if its not an actor. This will be done via camera angles. I would also like to make the story more of a group thing, developing a narrative using what we learned from Phil Garret as a group on the first day before the second day hopefully then start working on our individual parts.

The plan if for me being director, but if I feel someone is more cut out I will step down as Production Manager or Art Director. I am fine with these roles if a certain person is cut out as more of a leader.

To keep people on track I would like to work with each section during their peak time to ensure content is being pushed out as soon as possible. My skills tend to be more towards Illustration and video editing, but I am being taught about animation with an intro course. I am looking for a large amount of animators and Cinematography majors, if their is a lack of illustrators ill step down to do the background work and hand off higher positions to people that are strong leaders in groups that are overly saturated. I.E. Too many animators, put the most leading responsible one as manager so I can focus on the part of the project that needs a spot filled.

I plan on making a paid for account on drop box or drive to store large amounts of video that the group will have assess to. I will try to fund as much as possible but if something isn’t in the budget I will try to work around it before cutting it from the project.

Below is Concept illustrations, Roles, and Timelines.

Example of project